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Trade fair FOR ARCH 2017 is experiencing record high interest of exhibitors

Trade fair FOR ARCH 2017 is experiencing record high interest of exhibitors

Number of exhibition spaces for the FOR ARCH fair is rapidly declining, interest in them is great. 28th International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH will be held from 19 till 23 September 2017 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany. Novelty for exhibitors and visitors will be the new hall, which would  be built on the site of the current Hall no. 7 and which will offer together with larger exhibition area much more comfort.

International Building Fair FOR ARCH 2017 already in the first month of the new year goes well and the interest in  tis huge. Already at the end of January, the number of registered exhibitors compared to the same period in last year grew by full 20 percent and more exhibition area is quickly filling up. The good news is that thanks to this trend, participants would have more time to prepare its exposures, which would help raise the bar of quality of the fair a step above. At the same time it is a clear signal to potential exhibitors not to procrastinate participation application too long.



The big news would also be a new exhibition hall, which in PVA EXPO PRAGUE would be built on the site of the current Hall 7 used under the Fair FOR ARCH in the field of heating. This insulated Hall with height of 5 meters and ventilation louvers on the faces would be designed for year-round use and offer not only a larger exhibition area with a gross area of 4600 m2, but at the same time ensure exhibitors a far greater comfort.


The great interest of exhibitors parallels with the development of the construction market, which is after unfavorable in 2016 coming back to growth. Thrive, first of all, should primarily companies aimed at construction building and small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to construction companies, however, optimistic for the future are planners of renovation and self-help construction work.



28th annual FOR ARCH introduces new Technological Forum, its target group consists of Czech design and architectural companies and studios, along with investors. They would be able to gain professional and practical information on current trends in the construction industry and the latest technologies and products offered on Czech and international markets. One of the major topics would be, for example, an overview of subsidies which can draw cities and municipalities to improve infrastructure and services for energy savings.


This year's trade fair FOR ARCH would no longer be divided into several concurrent fairs, but would on the contrary, combine them into one unit, which would encompass all existing topics under one name. With the merger of disciplines under one brand FOR ARCH organizers promise a better readability for the general public and clarity of content of the event. Also would be introduced a new field focusing on current trends in security technologies, systems of building protection, protection services and cyber security. Last year's 27th annual FOR ARCH fair attracted more than 71 000 visitors. During five days in PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Prague-Letňany presented its exposure 841 exhibitors, including 67 foreign ones from 15 different countries.



Jana Lavičková


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