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This year's 27th edition shifted the FOR ARCH fair again a bit higher

This year's 27th edition shifted the FOR ARCH fair again a bit higher

At this year’s International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH which was held at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre on 20 to 24 September 2016 it was possible to see presentations of altogether 841 exhibitors, 67 of which being from abroad, from 15 countries of the world. Together with the simultaneously held trade fairs FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA, the Exhibition Centre was visited by more than 71,000 people who admired excellent composition of exhibitors, including top leaders of the sectors, and also the rich accompanying programme of conferences, lectures and B2B negotiations. In many cases, record breaking participation was registered at individual events, which just proves the continuing great interest of professionals as well as the general public in the building sector.


The trade fair was inaugurated with a conference attended by three Ministers



The FOR ARCH Trade Fair was inaugurated this year by the largest CONFERENCE OF DIRECTORS OF PROJECT DESIGN COMPANIES, where Andrej Babiš, Minister of Finance; Karla Šlechtová, Minister for Regional Development; and Richard Brabec, Minister of the Environment, were among the attending speakers. The record breaking number of those interested was attracted also by the fourth edition of bilateral business negotiations with international participation known as MATCHMAKING BUSINESS MEETINGS. The event was attended by 64 Czech and 57 foreign firms from the building industry and associated sectors, 20 of which coming from Germany, 13 from Slovenia, 13 from Poland, and there were also Italian and Spanish companies, and this year for the first time even some firms from overseas - namely from Indonesia, Korea and the U.S.A.




Another interesting point of the rich programme was the conference entitled FIRE SAFETY OF CONSTRUCTIONS, whose aim was to enable representatives of both the professional and general public to make themselves familiar with new trends and ideas from real practice of fire safety. A great interest was demonstrated by visitors during the last day of the FOR ARCH 2016 Trade Fair also in the conference focused on designs based on SELF-HELP BUILDING ACTIVITY dealing with the topic of constructions of passive brick houses step by step.


Both the sector top leaders and successful newcomers presented their product ranges at the Trade Fair


Among the exhibitors it was possible to register, already traditionally, the leading firms of their sectors. Therefore, in the construction part the visitors could see expositions of such companies as HELUZ, YTONG, Saint Gobain -
Rigips Division, BEST and Prefa Brno. Great attention was paid, thanks to their products, also to a number of newcomers, such as PRESBETON Nova, Franken Maxit, Koelner, Prefa Alluminiumprodukte, CS BETON and the Schiedel company, which presented its integrated chimney system and acquired an Honourable Mention in the GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit.

The people interested in electrical installations, intelligent housing systems and lighting technology could see, in the ELECTRO section, various products of the leaders of this industry sector, such as ABB, K&V ELEKTRO, Teco and ELKOV elektro. It was also possible to see the latest systems of fillings of holes and shading technology from Hörmann, LOMAX, ISOTRA, PILECKÝ, VETOS, SAPELI and SULKO.





At the simultaneously held FOR THERM Trade Fair, great attention was paid to the product ranges of such companies as Klastr česká peleta, ATMOS, Regulus, Vaillant, IVAR CS, Bosch Termotechnika - Buderus division, Dakon and Junkers, FENIX, KORADO ROMOTOP and HAAS+SOHN, offering all for heating, including hot news from the area of boilers, fire places, heat pumps and recuperation units.




Great popularity was acquired, at the FOR WOOD Trade Fair, also by the latest offers of timber houses presented not only by the ASSOCIATION OF SUPPLIERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF PREFABRICATED HOUSES, but also by such firms as RD Rýmařov, HAAS FERTIGBAU CHANOVICE, ATRIUM, DOMY D.N.E.S. and GOOPAN BUILDING.



Visitors were interested also in presented exhibits from the field of swimming pools and wellness facilities from ALUKOV, BERNDORF BÄDERBAU, Bazény Desjoyaux, Bazény - Brandejský, AQUAMARINE SPA, HANSCRAFT exhibiting their products and services at the simultaneously held BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA Trade Fair.




A new branch of the FOR ARCH Trade Fair was presented

A great innovation for the next edition of the FOR ARCH Trade Fair, which is to be held on 19-23 September 2017, is the new branch dealing with current trends and technologies in the field of security system technology, systems of protection of buildings, security services, and last but not least also the always more and more modern IT and cybernetic protection systems.

The existing simultaneous trade fairs FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA will be moreover merged next year and will become an integral part of one whole under the FOR ARCH brand. Already now you can look forward also to the brand-new two-day Technological Forum which is to arise in cooperation with the TZBinfo portal and will present the latest technologies and products especially to designers and architects.



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