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Winners of the 2016 GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit

Winners of the 2016 GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit

The GRAND PRIX competition for the best exhibit, which is organised by the ABF, a. s. company, has taken place at the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016 this year as well. The competition was attended by altogether 41 registered products, and after the careful studying of the ground materials and on the basis of presentation of exhibits of the firms in the course of the first day of the trade fair the Jury granted five GRAND PRIX awards and six HONOURABLE MENTIONS without specifying any detailed order.


The criteria assessed during the process of evaluation of the exhibits included not only technical parameters and materials used, but also utilised progressive technologies, energy performance, environmental aspects of the exhibits, and last but not least also the extraordinary quality at an affordable price and application of the product on the market. An innovation of this year’s edition was categorisation of the products registered into the point assessment of quality, known as RABF (Rating by Architecture and Building Foundation), which serves as an objective reference system.


The GRAND PRIX 2016 awards were granted to the following firms:

Bosch Termotechnika, s.r.o. - Buderus Business Division, for the condensing boiler “Buderus Logamax plus GB192iT”. This is a new stationary boiler in a compact design whose front area is manufactured of hardened titanium glass. Its modular structure and easy access to components enable fast assembly as well as maintenance.

FRAJT, s.r.o., for the glass panel with ceramic digital print, a double vision effect representing a unique element with a wide range of use in all types of interiors and with good resistance to mechanical scratching.

INTERNORM-OKNO, s.r.o., for the I-tec ventilation representing a local, fully automated recuperation unit integrated into a window with the control of temperature and humidity suitable for flats and family houses.


NIBE ENERGY SYSTEMS for the heat pump “NIBE F2120” of the air-water type with a high value of the seasonal heating factor, high temperature and silent operation.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products CZ, a.s., Rigips Division, for Habito, a plasterboard panel with extreme strength for construction of the Interior walls and partitions. The board has a high load-bearing capacity and good acoustic characteristics.



The HONOURABLE MENTIONS were awarded to the following firms:

BERNDORF BÄDERBAU, s.r.o., for the massage whirlpool for a horse representing an extension of production of classical swimming pools and water attractions with rehabilitation equipment for horses, which also ensures the extension of their life and guarantees a life quality improvement.


Czech Technical University in Prague for the rolling fluid bladeless turbine which is useable for marginal parameters of the gradient and flow rate in the places where conventional turbines are not able to work in an effective manner.

ELEKTRODESIGN ventilátory, spol. s r.o., for ECOAIR Design Ecowatt - a small radial fan with a possibility of the setting up of a constant air flow rate, which automatically adapts power output according to the given installation conditions.


Hein & spol. - keramické závody, spol. s r.o., for the tile fireplace SOLID - a freestanding fireplace using wood as its fuel and equipped with an accumulation exchanger and a body made of glazed large-format tiles.


PIEDRA UNO, a.s., for the floating paving system PIEDRA which is formed of resistant plastic parts with the system of locks and surface of marble or stone carpet. It can be applied to any flat subbase firm area.



Schiedel, s.r.o., for Schiedel KombiGas - an integrated chimney system for ventilation of flue gas from various consumers using solid and gaseous fuels, with an air inlet and a shaft for vertical duct systems.


Results of the competition for the most impressive exposition - TOP EXPO 2016:

On the occasion of the FOR ARCH, FOR STAV, FOR THERM, FOR WOOD and BAZÉNY, SAUNY & SPA Trade Fairs, there was organised also a competition for the most impressive exposition known as TOP EXPO. In the competition, there were awarded altogether 7 most impressive expositions, which are at the same time also highly functional and meet the criteria for communication with the customer. All expositions of the trade fairs in categories up to 60 m2 and above 60 m2 were assessed.

Concerning the category up to 60 m2, the prizes were awarded to GOLDBECK Prefabeton s.r.o., PALIS Plzeň, spol. s r.o. and Krbystyle, s.r.o.

Concerning the category above 60 m2, the prizes were awarded to HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s., PRESBETON Nova, s.r.o. and ISOTRA a.s.

The Honourable Mention was awarded to TOP EXPO TWIN s.r.o.


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