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The FOR ARCH Trade Fair to introduce a comfort and environment-friendly digital household of the future

The FOR ARCH Trade Fair to introduce a comfort and environment-friendly digital household of the future

This year’s edition of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH, which is to be held at the end of September in Prague-Letňany, has chosen, as one of the current topics, also the so-called “smart house” which is able, through its structure and technologies used, to ensure maximum comfort and energy-efficient environment for the people living there. A special ELEKTRO section will be reserved in the hall number 4 to the firms which are active in this sector. The general partner of the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2016 is the ČEZ group.


Friday, 23 September, will belong, in this year’s concept of various daily topics at the FOR ARCH Building Trade Fair, which is to be held on 20-24 September at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre, to the “Smart House” topic. A smart house ensures optimum and comfort environment for people living in such a house, in terms of its structure, used technologies and control systems. It is highly effective in terms of economy, energy consumption as well as from the viewpoint of impacts on its external environment and enables a multi-purpose use and reconfiguration. Its description often uses also such terms as “digital household”, “digital house” or “intelligent house”.


A properly prepared design is very important for implementation of a smart house. Its heart consists of a central system which helps, through modular infrastructure and individual active elements, to automate the operation of the entire household. Its control is very intuitive and it can be used for the control of e.g. air conditioning, shading, hot water preparation, irrigation, communication, distribution of TV and video signals, radio and music, telephones as well as the Internet. An important factor is the optimum and effective control of thermal technology and ventilation, thanks to which it achieves large energy savings. A matter-of-course is then connection of all illumination to the central system in such a way that it responds to your activities in a fully natural way. A smart house takes care also of household safety and provides you, at any time and anywhere, an overview of its current state, including alarms, fire sensors and camera systems. The system is also able to simulate living at absence, by using the pre-programmed activation of lights.


The visitors who are interested in this sector of the building industry should not miss the special ELEKTRO section in the hall no. 4, which has registered, in recent years, a growing interest in presentation of firms, especially from the fields of electrical installations, intelligent housing and lighting technology. It is traditionally attended by the LEGRAND company, the world leader in the area of electrotechnical installations and digital infrastructure offering almost 200,000 products from the field of illumination control, heating and data network administration, by the company HDL Automation s.r.o. supplying individual modules, as well as complete automation systems of buildings, and by ELKO EP, s.r.o., which is genuinely a Czech specialist focused on electronic modular instruments – relays, manufacturing more than 200 types of these products.


At present, ČEZ is not just a supplier of energies but also of comprehensive energy management solutions for households, which we are to introduce at the FOR ARCH Trade Fair in an entertaining way,” says Pavel Cyrani, Director of the Business Division of the ČEZ Group. “We have equipped a mobile household with them, and in September we will make a tour of Czech towns with this mobile household, and one of our stops will be just FOR ARCH.” The saving household of the future from ČEZ, which is to be presented at the trade fair, includes photovoltaic panels on the roof, together with batteries for the storage of electricity, modern gas boilers and white consumers, heat pumps for heating as well as air conditioning, in a combination with building materials of the 21st century, which are supplied by Saint-Gobain.

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